The Residents is a place that values authentic stories, inspiring independents and killer style. Although based in Wellington, it is about opening yourself up to the wide world and all its possibilities, seeing each other in a positive light and being present whether you are down the road or across the globe. Supporting cool local brands and events is a priority always.


Everything that I write about is determined by me alone.  There is no team, blogging collective or higher power and I try really hard to make sure that I feature companies and events that fit in with my interests and style. 

Endorsements & Use of Content

I may not blog full-time but from the start I've treated The Residents as a serious business. My legal training means I take doing the right thing damn seriously (I used to review bank advertisements from a legal perspective once upon a time). 

Wherever possible, I endorse items I genuinely like and believe in. Unless I clearly state I have 'Disclosure: This Post Was Sponsored by [Kind Brand Here]' in the blogpost, no post has been sponsored nor have I received any monetary compensation. Some products and reviews of events are PR samples, tickets or credit.

Brand collaborations allow me to keep building The Residents so it’s the best that it can be, however I’m very selective and I’ll only work with brands and ideas that fit into the blog’s ethos.

Please do not use any images or content from www.theresidents.co.nz without contacting me at lucy@theresidents.co.nz

Working with different brands

I like to try all kind of different products and experiences because being Wellington based is wanting to work together. When we promote one another and raise awareness of being local, we help everyone else. I have no alliance with any particular product or brand.


I respect your privacy and will not give your information to third parties without explicitly contacting you first and asking. 


As well as cookies being yum post-lunch treat, they’re also super-clever bits of information that websites send to your computer whenever you view it. The Residents uses cookies to measure visits and track affiliate links.  By continuing to browse The Residents, you are agreeing to the use of cookies (find out more here).