W O R K   W I T H   M E 

The Residents has a growing audience with over 12,000 followers across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Email. By way of background, 80% of my audience is female and most of my demographic are between 25 and 34 years old. The next largest demographic is 35 - 44. The website has had over 170,000 page views, 70,000 users, 33% returning visitors and readers spending on average 1.5 minutes on the website (which means reading is not dead!! Hurrah!!). ALSO, I was lucky enough to be nominated in April 2017 for an Absolutely Positively Wellingtonian Award for my work on The Residents... and WON!!

If you’d like to work with The Residents, then please get in touch via e-mail with details of your project. I’m open to a wide variety of ideas, bringing in my experiences within the corporate world, arts and creative eye wherever possible. If you don't know, check out the list below for an idea about whether I will be on board.

To get a Collab Kit and find out how to work with me, email

If you're wondering whether you should work with a blogger like me, and don't know whether it will work for your business, read this first. It is essential for anyone wanting to better understand this 'Brave New World'.


"Intelligent, quick to understand, well mannered.  Lucy listens carefully,  and getting words just perfectly right.  Lucy to me is one of the best at writing."

Margaret Hema - Founder of Margaret Hema Skincare

"Working with Lucy is THE BEST.  Not only is she both interesting and interested, she is efficient, outgoing and passionate and her work ethic never ceases to inspire me."

Abby Damen - Co-founder of Shut up and Dance

"Highly motivated, easy to work with and is quick to deliver on our work together. She creates high quality content, understands the importance of staying true to our brand, and communicates it in clearly thought out ways. We love working with her."

Annabelle Wilson - Wilson Trollope.


Some things Lucy likes:

  • Shaping a brief to fit with The Residents ethos of being independent, fresh and authentic with great stories

  • Freelance writing

  • Public Speaking

  • Consulting on your projects

  • Flat Whites

  • Innovative experiences and trips to far flung (or not so far flung) places.

Some things Lucy doesn't like

  • Irrelevant press releases, especially without expressing what you want me to do or why you've sent it

  • Being asked to write for a business for no experience or compensation (arts and NGO's are all good)

  • People who haven't read this blog to get to know me before contacting me

  • Being asked to promote irrelevant events on my Facebook

  • Incorrect spellings of 'Revill'

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