If you’d like to work with The Residents, then please get in touch via e-mail with details of your project. If you don't know, check out the list below for an idea about whether I will be on board.  Although I do accept products for review, if you send something to me it does not guarantee exposure on my blog.  

To get a Collab Kit, email putting 'Work with The Residents' in the subject-line and I will send you the kit (props to awesome Franco Lora for making it look so good!).

Please note that as of October 2017 I am no longer doing theatre reviewing outside of major festival events like the New Zealand Festival.

For all media enquiries, please email with 'Media' as subject line.

Some things Lucy likes:

  • Shaping a brief to fit with The Residents ethos of being independent, fresh and authentic with great stories.

  • Freelance writing.

  • Public speaking.

  • Consulting on your projects.

  • Flat whites.

  • Innovative experiences and trips to far flung (or not so far flung) places.

Some things Lucy doesn't like:

  • Irrelevant press releases, especially without expressing what you want me to do or why you've sent it.

  • Being asked to write for a business for no experience or compensation (arts and NGO's are all good).

  • People who haven't read this blog to get to know me before contacting me.

  • Being asked to promote irrelevant events on my Facebook.

  • Incorrect spellings of 'Revill'.

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