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The Residents has a growing audience with over 10,000 followers across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Email. If you’d like to work with The Residents, then please get in touch via e-mail with details of your project. I’m open to a wide variety of ideas, bringing in my experiences within the corporate world, arts and creative eye wherever possible.

If you don't know, check out the list in the side-bar for an idea about whether I will be on board --->

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To get a Collab Kit to find out how to work with me, drop me a line at! Alternatively, chuck something in the box at the end of the page and I will get back to you.

    Got a question, comment or gushing love note to send my way? I'm thrilled.

    I love getting feedback so sock it to me and let me know what's on your mind. Email I try to reply to as many e-mails as I can, however when things get busy, I have to prioritise the most relevant approaches (I also work full-time as a policy advisor - glad that law degree came in handy!).

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    The Numbers

    145,000+ all time page views*

    5,300+ follow on Instagram 

    3,600+ 'Like' on Facebook

    26,000 Unique Hits on the website (last 3 months) 

    670+  follow on Twitter

    Who's with me?!

    • 80% Female

    • 40% aged between 24 - 34. 

    • 85% New Zealanders (51% Wellington, 21% Auckland, 17% other NZ & 10% Christchurch)

    Fun Facts: The average time y'all spend reading the stories here is two and a half minutes. More than half of you read The Residents on your mobile.

    * over 13 months: I use Google Analytics


    Some things Lucy likes:

    • Shaping a brief to fit with The Residents ethos of being independent, fresh and authentic with great stories

    • Innovative experiences and trips

    • Freelance writing

    • Public Speaking

    • Consulting

    • Flat Whites

    Some things Lucy doesn't like

    • Irrelevant press releases, especially when they don't say anything about what you want to do or why you've sent it

    • Being asked to write for a business for no experience or compensation (arts and NGO's are all good)

    • People who haven't read this blog to get to know me before contacting me

    • Being asked to promote irrelevant events on my Facebook

    • Meetings in normal working hours when I am meant to be at my desk (lunchtime or after 5:30 is best)

    • Incorrect spellings of 'Revill'