REVIEW: Why you're gonna 'Holla' for Holistic Hair

Hands up if you have been feeling the humidity and going a bit mad in this crazy heat wave we have been having? And hands up if your hair has gone completely mad too!

For a city that keeps thermal underwear on stand-by all year round this Wellington weather is completely out of whack. With most of us sleeping with the windows open all night (never, ever, ever, a thing here) and considering it a win to get half-way up a hill without sweat patches blooming (lovely), it’s no wonder that my hair has been going completely frizzy in this heat. In addition, I like to go for early morning swims in a chlorinated pool. All of this plays havoc on my hair.

A Holistic Holla - Holistic Hair Care and Pure Shampoo

New Zealand hair care brand, Holistic Hair, founded by Trichologist (or hair doctor) Nigel Russell, have recently put out some new products, Pure Shampoo and Pure Conditioner. I was very keen to test it out on the old lion’s mane and see if it would make a difference. Holistic Hair are a natural hair care company that specialise in natural products for the scalp, hair and related problems.

Pure Shampoo and Conditioner offer “soothing and antibacterial” properties with key ingredients Aloe Vera and Manuka Honey. The brand sell online and at some natural health & food stores like Common Sense Organics, Hardy’s, H2000 and selected pharmacies. If you are, as I am, becoming alive to the fact that you are not just what you eat, but also what you put on your skin, and hair is no exception, I am fairly sure you will completely adore this shampoo and conditioner and use it for the rest of your life.

Awesome on all fronts

Hair is a matter not only close to my head, but also my heart. I have a lot of hair and have always had to take it pretty seriously (but in a normal, non-Kardashian kind of way - blow waves only happen when I get a haircut). And taking it seriously often meant seeking professional advice which hasn’t always worked out that well. Sometimes a hairdresser would recommend an expensive shampoo which worked for a while, but then I would find that if I didn’t wash with that shampoo and conditioner every few days it would leave my scalp and hair oily with an unpleasant smell (maybe too much silicon or something - but I think it is probably a ploy to get you to use it up faster). My hair has indeed experienced the good, the bad and the oily.

My holistic hair...

"For a city that keeps thermal underwear on stand-by, all year round, this Wellington weather is completely out of whack"

Holistic Hair however is awesome on all fronts. To be honest I already knew I loved Holistic Hair and completely trust them with every hair on my head. I first came across the brand when it was very new and was working at a beauty boutique as a teenager in 2007. Someone encouraged me to try it - and, oh boy, did I love it. It gave my hair shine, and more importantly, the balance it craved. They also have a kick-ass sea salt spray which is truly excellent and smells like salt water taffy. And I love that their products don’t cost the same as dinner for two at a very nice restaurant. But back to the Pure Shampoo and Conditioner. I have to hand it to them – they’ve done it again.

A really really good shampoo and conditioner

When I squirted the shampoo from the dark brown bottle I was immediately impressed. The amber shampoo is fragrance free and suds up nicely in your hair. It has a soft flowing consistency which I like. If a shampoo holds together like frog spawn, I am immediately suspicious of the ingredients. So make sure you cup your hands as you pour it out. I loved the way my hair felt after washing with it - clean and soft without that squeaky-over-clean feel that makes you wonder if you’ve just used dishwashing detergent. Even better, I found that a little went a long way. All around it ticks the boxes for me.

The Pure Conditioner is lightly fragranced and very hydrating. I love working it through the mid lengths of my hair to the ends. Afterwards my hair felt soft and supple, and the usual frizz had disappeared, even when I let it air dry by walking along the Wellington waterfront. My hair really responded to this conditioner, improving the overall look and feel, even after swimming.

Perfect for the sensitive types

Holistic Hair care products are gentle and don’t sting your eyes. The Pure and Sensitive ranges are recommended for people who have scalp concerns and this amazing hair care company also make a hair finishing rinse, therapy for irritated scalp and a scalp tonic for fine and thinning hair. They even do head lice products but let’s not go there today - one hair problem at a time please.

Put simply, I don’t think any other product on the market beats Holistic Hair. It performed true to the label, is soothing, balancing and hydrating. It is made by an awesome New Zealand company who really know what they are doing and it smells and feels great. I would certainly buy it again. It is that simple.

Here’s to great hair! Because, unlike this weather, at least now with the Holistic Hair range, you can predict that your hair will look and feel good tomorrow.

Thanks Holistic Hair for letting me try this out. Check out their full range of products

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